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When you can't find the words, say it with flowers!



Patagonia Flower Farm


The foundation of a healthy micro-farm starts with biologically diverse fields and healthy soil. Operated since 2017, Patagonia Flower Farm is your local source for fresh flowers that are never imported. Our organic practices are as healthy for the Earth as they are for your home and office. We believe flowers are a well-deserved luxury, which is why we take strides to ensure your beautiful arrangement looks spectacular for days.

Bee-friendly Patagonia Flower Farm celebrates the seasonality of flowers and beautiful foliage. Because we value quality and vibrancy, we cut our flowers within one or two days of a sale to ensure their freshness and longevity. (Expert tip: Place your beautiful arrangement of local fresh-cut flowers in the refrigerator overnight to make it last up to 10 days or longer.)


Why Choose Locally-Grown Fresh Flowers In Patagonia

A Beautiful Way to Support the Environment and Your Community

Sure, you could drive miles to the nearest grocery store or place an order online for an average, over-priced bouquet of flowers that only lasts a few days. Purchasing an elegant, seasonal bouquet from your local Patagonia flower farmer not only supports the community, it also helps protect the environment. Here are more reasons why buying local fresh flowers is a great choice:

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Local Flowers Are Grown Locally:

Most of the flowers sold in stores and online are grown in various locations overseas. The high price you pay includes fuel, labor, refrigeration, chemicals, transportation, and storage costs. The fresh, affordable flowers we sells are grown in Patagonia. Our operation has a tiny carbon footprint so you have no eco-guilt while supporting a local business.

"A bespoke bouquet perfectly expresses the thoughts in your heart "


Where to find us

Patagonia Flower Farm serves Patagonia and Sonoita, With the hope of expanding in Tubac and Bisbee in 2019. There are several ways to enjoy fresh flower arrangements in your own home or business:

  • Purchase a bouquet at Red Mountain Organic Foods.

  • Sonoita Mercantile Store

  • Take advantage of our subscription services to have fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep

  • Place a special order directly with us by calling 480-225-7910 or sending an email to

Don’t forget: Flowers make a great gift, too.
Order a beautiful locally-grown flower arrangement today.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed



Committed to Quality

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Exceeding Expectations

Aishah Lurry

Aishah Lurry

My Story

Flowers are one of the greatest passions in my life. After years of feeling frustrated about having to drive miles out of town for overpriced bouquets filled with imported flowers that died quickly, I decided to start my own micro-farm, Patagonia Flower Farm. Now neighbors like you can enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers that last days while keeping your carbon footprint small.
Gardening has been a joy of mine for more than 20 years. I’ve taught several classes about sprouts, micro-greens, and propagation. Today, I’m proud to serve with Borderlands Restoration Network to further its native species and public education programs. I urge you to take advantage of my knowledge and expertise so that you may enjoy the natural beauty and elegance that fresh, local flowers offer. This luxury is local, affordable, and well-deserved.
Each flower in your hand-picked bouquet is lovingly grown to ensure its health, vibrancy, and longevity. The sustainable organic practices used at Patagonian Flower Farm keep the Earth and bees happy and healthy.
Patagonia Flower Farm feeds your soul with beautiful flowers that last days. Place your order today by calling 480-225-7910 or sending an email to


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