Everlasting Flower Mobile

 This delicate mobile of dried flowers is perfect for hanging in a very special place. The small bouquets of dried flowers come alive and dance in the current air.

Each mobile is unique. The bouquets of dried flowers are assembled one by one. You will discover various varieties of dried plants: hydrangea, oregano, eucalyptus, roses, yarrow, Damask nigella, lavender... The possibilities are endless!

The suspension is 15 inches in diameter and about 30 inches in length, although this may vary.

Dried flowers have an incredible advantage: their durability. They prevent waste because they are not perishable. Each flower is valued to the maximum, and the unused parts (stems or leaves) are composted. My priority is to offer you elegant, delicate, and unique creations. You will be able to keep your mobile for several years.

To prevent discoloration,  it is recommended to avoid placing the mobile in direct sun. It is possible to dust your mobile with a cold-set hairdryer.

This very decorative dried flower mobile will make an ideal gift!  


Everlasting Flower Mobile