Just Right Plus Bouquet - Subscription (22-25 stems)

Take advantage of Patagonia Flower Farm’s hand-tied subscription program offering four-week six-week or eight-week bouquet subscription for a summer full of fresh blossoms. We’re accepting orders today for delivery next week.


The beautiful flowers in your handcrafted bouquets are lovingly grown and sustainably farmed locally.


Each week, get wowed with a farm-fresh bouquet featuring a mix of our best premium summertime blooms or unique showstoppers. Imagine popular blossoms and rare varieties of old-time favorites combined with airy vines and draping textures. Your one-of-a-kind arrangements will also include native flowers, grasses, and foliage for an added touch of luxury. Each bouquet is artfully arranged in a craft paper sleeve or vessel, whichever one you prefer.


Free delivery in Patagonia city limits, pick up location in Sonoita at the Mercantile store. Your location will determine your delivery date.


You deserve more beauty in your life. Secure your spot by calling Patagonia Flower Farms at 520-591-5600 today.


Fresh flowers make a great gift and a wonderful addition to your home or business. 

Just Right Plus Bouquet - Subscription (22-25 stems)